Summer University

Summer Universities are the most common cultural project in AEGEE. A Summer University is a vacation that every local antenna organize for a prefixed number number of AEGEE’s foreign members (from 12 to 50). This summer vacations have a strong cultural meaning, last 2/4 weeks and have a very cheap fee (from 77€ to 98€ per week, trip not included :P).


The prices (maximum per week), are (click for the details about the kind of Summer University):
SC: 77 €
SC+ and TSU: 98 €
If the SU lasts longer, or less, the price varies.
The method of payment depends on the SU. You may have to pay 50% in advance and 50% upon arrival, 100% in advance, 100% on arrival…

What’s included in the price?

Accommodation during the whole event (hostel, camping, tent, gym, houses of AEGEE members, student flats, …).
Meals: Two per day of which at least one is warm. Vegetarian, non-pork food and other special requeriments will be provided.
Transportation during the event, tickets to recreational sites, cultural landmarks, activities, museums… and everything else included in the program. And of course the parties!


You can view all the Summer Universities that are organized this year on this big map. You can chose up to 3 destination. During the pre-selection process an algorithm will chose for you one of them and the request will be send only for that SU. Chosing 3 destination you’ll increase your chance to be accepted!!!

Dates & Duration

The dates differ per Summer University. This year there are SUs organised between the 26th of June and the 9th of September. Please check the list of this year SU’ ordered by date by clicking here.
The typical duration is between 10 and 24 days.


You will be able to discover that you know more English than you think because you’ll be 24 hours a day with about 30 people from across Europe, which necessarily have to communicate in English! Probably, because you’re reading this article in english, it’s not a problem! It will be also a great way to practice various other languages with native speakers, because participants and destinations are in all Europe.

Motivation letter

You have to make one for each SU you choose (in the application process you will have to choose up to three, in order of preference). In the letter you have to introduce yourself and explain why you want to participate in the Summer University. You have to write it in English, unless you know the language of the country that you want to go to, in which case you can write in that language.
Remember that the people that will read the letter will be someone like you, so show yourself in a positive and informal way. Start the letter with “Dear Sir Organizer” would therefore make no sense.

Do I have to travel on my own to the SU?

Yes, you have to travel on your own as far as getting to the starting point of the SU.
TIP: if you are looking at tickets and you see the ticket one day before or the day after the SU starts is cheaper, than maybe it’s fine to buy it, just get into contact with the organizers and they maybe can arrange everything for you to arrive a bit earlier/later.

Can I go with a friend to the same SU?

The application process is individual, therefore there is no guarantee that something like this happens, although you can try.

How do I apply?

  1. Become member of your nearest AEGEE local, AEGEE-Firenze!
  2. After you become meber of AEGEE-Firenze, get an account (you need to become a member as we need to register your card code).
  3. Choose up to three Summer Universities on the SU website
  4. Submit your application including a brief cover letter (motivation letter) to convince the organizers why they should pick you rather than someone else! 
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