AEGEE Firenze

AEGEE-Firenze is one of the 240 locals of the European network of AEGEE Europe. It counts about fifty members, students of the University of Florence, of other universities and non-students. AEGEE Florence is a reality begun in 1991 that grew upon the years and continued until today. Our activities in Florence have always been carried out throughout the entire academic year and have been dealing with the organization of local and european events and parties. During the academic year we organize activities for Italian and Erasmus students, a nice way to have fun, to meet new people, to make friends, to let people know the association and it’s purposes. Every year we organize a weekly meeting in a pub of the center of Florence, that’s a great chance for all the students, Italians and foreigners, interested in meeting new people, in our activities like parties, international exchanges and trips in our Country! From many years we have the pleasure to be supported by the Town Administration of Florence, the Office for Culture and the “Informagiovani” office, that give us the possibility to organize such events and meetings in a city rich of opportunities like Florence. At Informagiovani office, from september till april, we organize weekly groups of conversation exchange Italian-English, once to week, for those interested in practising English and foreigners interested in improving their Italian. We often set up nice trips out of Florence, organized by us, of one or more days. Naples, Rome, Bologna, Sicily, Tuscany, etc, we have to pleasure of inviting Italian and foreigner students, as it”s usual for us to organize every year in february, a big trip to the Carnival of Venice. Often we organize parties and weekends in the countryside and special events, like the European Day of Languages, dedicated to the foreign languages, the Socrates Action Day to celebrate the famous European Socrates-Erasmus exchange plan, or the Dance Action Day! Once in a while we also have the chance of setting up some international party and European events, like last summery “Post-Agorà” event or our traditional Florence Summer University, we are organizing from more than 15 years! The Summer Universities are course-vacations carried out in many European cities during the summery period, they usually last two weeks and cost around 150-180 euro. In Florence we organize our Summer University between July and August, a course of Italian and Latin dance for all the AEGEE members of Europe! But also members of AEGEE Florence have the possibility to participate to one of the Summer Universities organized by other AEGEE locals! In April we receive the catalogue with the list and description of all these summer events and we organize, at Informagiovani, a weekly meeting for those who want to subscribe or to have more information! If you are interested in discovering this new world, to know people and travel, do not to hesitate, contact us

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