Internal Rules


  • The annual membership fee is 15.00 € per person.
  • The membership card is valid for 1 calendar year from issue date.
  • The failure to renew the card at the end will lose all the benefits of membership.


  • The repayment of its members of AEGEE-Firenze participating in events such as statutory delegates representing the antenna is defined by the CD evaluating their cash flow.
  • In situations of crisis can ‘be decided not to pay any refund to the delegates.

OFFICERS PROVIDED BY STATUTE (Article 17) and constituting the Directive Committee (CD)

PRESIDENT has the function of:

  • Represent the association
  • Chairing the meetings of the CD and the Agora
  • To implement the agreements made at meetings of the Agora
  • Develop an agenda with the topics proposed dall’Agorà, CD or any State, and make it known at the time specified in the Memorandum.
  • Moderator of the mailing list of board of AEGEE-Firenze
  • Enforce the statutes of AEGEE-Firenze to all its members.

TWO VICE PRESIDENTS have the function of:

  • Represent the association in the absence of the President
  • Attend meetings of the CD and the Agora
  • To support the President in all functions

SECRETARY has the function of:

  • Keep and maintain the Register of Members and archives
  • Keep the proceedings of the meetings of the Agora, which include the agenda, the agreements reached, and the events produced
  • Take care to provide the pieces of the new members, registration forms and stickers
  • Responsible for managing relationships with partners of AEGEE-Firenze and meet their information needs related to the activities of the antenna.
  • Moderator of the mailing list of members of AEGEE-Firenze
  • In charge of updating every six months the Address Book AEGEE-Europe.

TREASURER has the function of:

  • Advance the accounts of the association and keep the account book, which will be available to all members
  • Develop the overall budget of the association with the rest of the members of the CD
  • Develop an annual report on the economic performance of the association
  • Head of reimbursement for services provided by States under Article 21 of the Statute.
  • The characteristics and functions of the CD are described in Articles 13, 14, 15, and 16 of the Statute of AEGEE-Firenze.
  • Only components of the CD (excluding external relations responsible) are entitled to be given in the paper version dell’Address book of AEGEE-Europe.


  • The following roles must be awarded on a personal basis, through election by the Agora, the members of AEGEE-Firenze, may be elected the components of the CD. Members who hold these roles are entitled to join the board of AEGEE-Firenze.
  •  All members of the board of AEGEE-Firenze entitled, if necessary, to an e-mail with personal domain and alias AEGEEfirenze editable.


  •  Coordinator and sponsor of activities addressed to Erasmus students in Firenze.
  •  Moderator of the mailing list of Erasmus and the managing of relations with Erasmus students and foreigners in general.
  •  Responsible for contacts with the Office of the Erasmus University of Firenze and with all other institutions relating to foreign students in Firenze.


  • Responsible for managing relations with the outside world: including other antennas and other members of the association AEGEE-Europe, institutions and other organizations.
  • You must promptly inform the board of AEGEE-Firenze for all matters relating to the external antenna.
  • Management of the e-mail information of the website and main contact dell’Address Book of AEGEE-Europe, including your e-mail.
  • Manager of the mobile number of AEGEE-Firenze (this role can be transferred to another member of the board)
  • The office responsible for external relations can be integrated with that of the secretary or another member of the CD (Vice).


  • In charge of research funds, funding agreements or collaborations with shops, institutions, companies, in order to obtain monetary or material gains exploitable by of AEGEE-Firenze.
  • You are obliged to report all international conventions and agreements concluded with the relevant documentation to members of the CD.


  • Responsible for the management and implementation of the website
  • Responsible to update and modify the email account with domain aegeefirenze of all managers who will use them.
  • Maintains close relations with the heads of working groups and with the CD to ensure timely updates and other needs relating to the operation of the site.


  • Responsible for promoting the association and its goals through the creation of posters, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, stickers and other publicity material advertising.
  • In charge of promoting the activities of organizing and coordinating groups of flyers.
  • Responsible for maintaining contact with students not interested in the business of the association members and provide them with all relevant information by organizing mailing lists or other means of support.
  • In charge of research and development of new active members and responsible for the education internal antenna 


  • Coordinator and responsible of the organization of  AEGEE-Firenze ‘s  Summer University .
  • In charge of organizing groups of  work about all activities related to SU organization.
  • In charge of provide to the application and the communication with   AEGEE-Europe SUCT and uload informations on AEGEE – Europe SU website and decide in according with the board of AEGEE-Firenze the Summer University activity programme.


  • Coordinator and responsible for the promotion campaign of the Summer Universities of AEGEE-Europe.
  • In charge of organizing groups of leafleting and promotion of SU on the web.
  • In charge of organizing weekly information points in the opening period of application and deal with subscriptions, to assist members in the process of online application and approve the application at the end of entries.


  • For each type of event (party in the country, trips, EDL … …) to be appointed a manager.
  • All members may be responsible for an event (if not part of the board must have the consent of the same)
  • The head and ‘the person who takes the organizational management and practical event. Is thus ‘a team: delegation a number of people for small tasks, but they are’ not of such great commitment. (Eg page promotional event, floor machines, … ..).
  • Delegates should always refer to the person responsible for any problem.

The manager should refer to members of the CD.
It ‘important that any idea of change the event is first communicated and accepted by the organizer.
Alternatively, the processor may divide the number of positions with another person. The latter will be considered in these two managers in progress.

  • The manager must be present at the event, if the person is then present at the event that he organized, it took care of the appointment of someone on site to monitor the proper conduct on the field.
  • Only the person (or if the two managers) are entitled to attend a free event.
  •       (This is because delegates are only small tasks that do not involve an over-commitment, but which remain within the philosophy of volunteering AEGEE).
  • The manager has full autonomia.In disputes the final decision rests cmq to the manager. The board will have ‘cmq from time to time be informed of the project. It is clear that every member of AEGEE Firenze will provide advice and proposals.

NOTE : This one does not replace the Statute of AEGEE-Firenze, nor it can be in conflict with it, but rather it is meant to supplement and enrich its content.

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