The first traces regarding AEGEE-Firenze dates back to 1991 when our “Antenna” started the first organized activities and the first “provisory” board was elected. The birthday of AEGEE-FIrenze is 14th May 1991.
But only in 1992 was elected the first executive board and signed the Convension d’Adhesion at the Autumn Agora held in Delft.
Since that time AEGEE-Firenze didn’t stop its activities with a number of different Boards and organizing many events in these years (now, more than 30); ’till our great celebration events called “Alive & Kicking” held in October 2002 for our 10th anniversary of life.
This is nowadays the biggest event ever organized by AEGEE-Firenze, with the attendance of about 120 participants coming from every countries of Europe. The great event lasted 2 days, non-stop, and was held in Villa Sperling in a village called Montepiano, in the Appenine mountains.
But the real “european” event for AEGEE Firenze was the Post Agora “from Medieval till Renaissance time” organized in November 2004 after the Fall Agora in Torino. More than 100 european students gathered in Firenze to admire the city “jewels”.

In these years we had some partnership with some local institutions like:
ARDSU (Azienda Regionale Diritto allo Studio Universitario), l’ Ateneo Fiorentino (relations with many faculties), e what’s more relations with Comune di Firenze with a tight partnership with it’s INFORMAGIOVANI the office deputies to youth and their world (studies, courses, jobs). The Ufficio Scambi Internazionali of Cultures Department as well.
We had some partnership with other AEGEE antennas too (Ferrara and Pisa mostly), especially Pisa that is still our “nearest” antenna. AEGEE-Siena that signed the Convention d’ Adhesion at the Agora in Torino becoming a real local of the network has been funded by some experienced members of AEGEE-Firenze.
The three antennas of Tuscany will establish a deeper partnership organizing together a Travelling Summer University in July 2005.AEGEE-Firenze in these years has always been organizing a Summer University, usually in the month of July at the end of summer exams session.
Moreover many other events has been organized:

  • Summer University 1994 (July)
  • Summer University 1995 (July)
  • Summer University 1996 (July)
  • Culture week 1997 (April)
  • Summer University 1997 (July)
  • Regional Meeting 1997 (October)
  • Venice Carnival trip 1998 (February)
  • Culture week 1998 (April)
  • Summer University 1998 (July)
  • Socrates Action Day 1998 (November)
  • Summer University 1999 (July)
  • Socrates Action Day 1999 (November)
  • Venice Carnival trip 2000 (February)
  • Summer University 2000 (July)
  • Socrates Action Week 2000 (December)
  • Venice Carnival trip 2001 (February)
  • Summer University 2001 (July)
  • Socrates Action Week 2001 (November)
  • Venice Carnival trip 2002 (February)
  • Summer University 2002 (July)
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration2002 (October)
  • Venice Carnival trip 2003 (March)
  • Summer University 2003 (July)
  • European Day Languages 2003 (November)
  • Erasmus Weekend 2003 (November)
  • Venice Carnival trip 2004 (February)
  • Anti Racism Action Week 2004 (March)
  • Erasmus Weekend 2004 (April)
  • Summer University 2004 (July)
  • POST AGORA 2004 (November)
  • European Day Languages 2004 (November)
  • Napoli Erasmus trip 2005 (April)
  • Travelling S. University 2005 (July)
  • Socrates Action Day 2005 (October)
  • European Day of Languages 2005 (November)
  • Sicily Erasmus trip 2006 (April)
  • Summer University 2006 (July)
  • European Day of Languages 2006 (November)
  • Summer University 2007 – Language Course (July)
  • European Day of Languages 2007 (November)
  • Travelling Summer university ’08 “Roma Firenze, that’s A-more!
  • European Day of Languages 2008 (November)
  • Road trip to EBM-Torino, february ’09 (Firenze & Pisa)
  • Traveling Summer University ’09 “The Renaissance code” (Firenze & Ferrara)
  • Traveling Summer University ’10 “Under the tuscan sun – part 3” (Firenze & Siena)
  • AEGEE-Firenze 20th Anniversary (may ’11)
  • Traveling Summer University ’11 “Rotolando verso sud, 1 year later (Firenze & Avellino/Benevento)
  • Traveling Summer University ’12
  • Traveling Summer University ’13
  • Traveling Summer University ’14
  • Traveling Summer University ’15 “The Italian Grand Tour” (Firenze, Pisa e Roma)
  • NWM-Firenze “In The Heart Of European Art” (september ’15)
  • AEGEE-Firenze 25th Anniversary and Pre-Agora “25…And Looking Forward” (May ’16)
  • Summer University ’16 “Go Wild In Tuscany” (Jul-Aug 2016)
  • Regional Training Course “cReaTe your Crew: RTC in Granducato” (with AEGEE-Pisa, Mar 2017)
  • Summer University ’17 “SUblime Tuscan beauty: Fall in love at first sight” (Aug 2017)
  • Summer University ’18 “Under the Tuscan SUn” (Aug 2018)
  • Summer University ’19 (Aug 2019)
  • Summer University ’20 (Aug 2020)
  • Summer University ’21 (Aug 2021)
  • Summer University ’22 (Aug 2022)
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