Winter Wonderland vol.II. - Magic will find you in BudaPécs


Have you ever got lost in the sea of NYE options? Have you ever felt that the ultimate New Years’ Eve experience has not yet come and you will end up celebrating the New Year some random way? Well, worry no more! We are here to save you. Hungary’s Winter Wonderland is opening its gates for 25 of the luckiest AEGEEans to join our 6 days long winter quest of relaxation and enjoyment for all senses. AEGEE-Pécs and AEGEE-Budapest have made the checklist with all the necessary items for your perfect holiday unwind:

Learning some useful Hungarian phrases that you can use during parties

Exploring two of the most beautiful cities in Hungary within 6 days

Tasting amazing wines in the wine regions surrounding Pécs

Eating some hearty Hungarian dishes with some mulled wine to feel warm even in the cold winter

Going ice-skating in Budapest’s Winter Wonderland

Relaxing in one of the most famous SPAs in Budapest

After being tired of pools, diving into the nightlife of Budapest

How about a “quick” pub crawl if we are already there

Checking out how Hungarians do European Nights ( you wanna be there)

Celebrating the New Year in a big AEGEE party in the heart of Budapest (you wanna be there even more)

Filling your heart with 25 and more new friends from all over Europe

If any of these points fit your needs, we think it’s a match, you may swipe right!  Join us from the 27th of December 2018 until the 2nd of January 2019 and welcome New Year in our Winter Wonderland! We are ready to welcome You!


The participation fee is €155 and the optional fee is €25 (covers the ice-skating in Budapest’s Városliget and the ticket to one of the most famous SPAs in Budapest)


Accommodation: hostels in 2 different cities (sleeping bags are NOT required)

Your application is ONLY VALID in case you fill both the INTRANET and the GOOGLE form below. In case the link is broken please copy and paste it to your browser.


Link to the form:


In case of any questions feel free to contact us at:">">">

We are waiting for you!

Come applicare

09 Nov 2018