Symposium Youth & Mental Health


AEGEE-Utrecht is very proud to present to you the Symposium Youth & Mental Health!

So, how are you really doing?


We ask this question a lot in polite conversation but do we really know the answer ourselves? Well don’t despair! During this event we will dive deeper in what makes you (yeah,you!) tick! All of this will be done through interesting lectures and exciting workshops with your fellow AEGEEans. We will be organising these lectures and workshops in three areas:

  • You: Focusing on your own mental health.

  • You & others: Focusing on the people around you and how you interact with them.

  • You & the world: Focusing on how the world around you handles the subject of mental health and your role in it.

We believe that there are widespread stigmas on the topic of mental health throughout Europe. We hope to activate you to take the knowledge that you will acquire during our Symposium to your local community! We want to break the stigmas surrounding mental health through our Symposium, while at the same time, create a platform to discuss the topic of mental health with other young Europeans, give you insight into your own psyche and let you develop skills to improve yourself.

During the Symposium you’ll be located in the very lovely place called Utrecht. During the educational part of the programme we have arranged subject experts to teach you all about their specialities in the field! We’ve all been to school, we know that only the raw information won’t be enough. That’s why we offer ample workshops for those special hands-on experiences. Furthermore, you’ll be discussing these subjects with the other participants. This allows to share in each other wisdom, know-how and explore intercultural differences.


Haven’t we been convincing enough? Well there is also that lovely place we mentioned earlier for you to explore! Walk on the romantic canals, get an amazing view over the city after climbing the 465 stairs of the Domtower, or get a drink in one of the many many quaint and quirky pubs. Dive deeper into the Dutch culture by eating the legendary ‘stroopwafels’ or drinking the infamous ‘dropshot’. Meet local Dutchies during AEGEE-Utrechts’ weekly social gathering!

We’ll be offering a lot more activities so… what are you waiting for?

Sign up, you don’t want to miss this!

The event fee includes: 

  • Lodging: Hostel
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Workshops and lectures
  • European Night
  • A spectacular closing party


Please apply both on Intranet and by filling in this application form:

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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27 Giu 2017