Skills for YOUth!


Youth employment and the skills development of young people is high not only on the political but also on the social agenda. Following the strategic priorities set by the European Commission in the EU Youth Strategy, and with special attention to the transitioning of young people from education to the job market, the Skills for YOUth! project focuses on the implementation of educational practices across members states for the successful implementation of the New Skills Agenda.


By educating young people about the importance of the Skills Agenda, exploring the need for digital education, raising awareness about fostering the entrepreneurial mindset of young people, Skills for YOUth! will offer clear conclusions to contribute to the Structured Dialogue process including the views, opinions and recommendations from young people towards decision-makers. 


Our project will focus on the most crucial elements of the Structured Dialogue process of the 5th cycle of consultation:

- Education for employability: obstacles young people face within the transition period between education and employment,

- Formal vs. Non-formal education: skills and competences gained by volunteering and how it can improve employability prospects,

- Entrepreneurship stories: empowered by peers and what an entrepreneurial skillset means in everyday life


The upcoming Maltese EU presidency within the current trio (The Netherlands – Slovakia – Malta) plays a crucial role in drafting the conclusions of the 5th cycle of the Structured Dialogue and empowering young people to become actors for the development in their own future. The project will bring close attention to the European context young people can mostly benefit from when it comes to the conscious decisions they are making for the benefit of their future prospects.


The project Skills for YOUth! will bring experts from the field of formal education, business stakeholders, political figures and decision-makers and provide an educational environment for young people who will be able to learn about the European dialogue and proceedings related to the New Skills Agenda for Europe and how young people can take an active part in the implementation of the strategy.

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FEE: €25 only!

What's Included?

  • Breakfast
  • At least 1 hot meal a day
  • Accommodation in a Hostel
  • Meetings and Half Day Conference
  • Valletta Treasure Hunt
  • Other Excursions and Cultural Visits
  • And of course a great social program and amazing parties organized by AEGEE-Valletta!



An optional Boat Party is being offered on the last day. On Sunday 7 May, a full day boat party is being organised in collaboration with Erasmus students currently in Malta. A special fee of just €20 is being offered to you participants!



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25 Apr 2017