Summer Event: Sailing the Croatian Dream!


You will get a chance to adapt to a totally different lifestyle, with 10mof the boat and 100000 m2 of the sea surrounding you. You will learn about survival on the sea, far away from the traffic noise and populated areas. You will fall asleep under the stars and wake up with the sound of the waves and a gentle summer breeze on your skin. Then you'll have enough strength to be active the whole day – sailing, swimming, snorkeling, island-hopping and exploring wild nature from dawn till dusk – and that's when the parties start ;)

Your body will thank you after a week of a healthier lifestyle, constant activity and exploring new things! You will learn how to adapt to a life with less comfort than you're used to, sharing a small space with your new friends, and becoming even more responsible by sharing duties and responsibilities for "your" boat that you will "own" during one week. If you're curious about the famous expression "step out of your comfort zone" put into practice, then this is the event you've been looking for!

The event is also open to non-AEGEEans so feel free to invite your friends!


#WHAT Summer Event: Sailing the Croatian Dream!

#WHERE Croatia's southern region Dalmatia

#WHEN 23-30 JUNE

#FEE 375€



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AEGEE members NEED to apply both through the INTRANET and through GOOGLE FORMS.

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25 Feb 2018