NWM Salerno - Southern Waves: Feel the Rainbow Breeze


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Are you ready for new adventures?

Do not wait for the New Year to challenge yourselves, do it with us this Autumn!


Network Commission together with AEGEE-Salerno join forces and invite you to participate in an event that gives you a unique opportunity to have it all: share best practices between locals, strengthen the bounds between individual members and together come up with great new project ideas during the #ProjectHub sessions!


Why a #ProjectHub? After the Spring NWMs round, we were overwhelmed with joy to hear compliments from participants, and we decided to continue with a newer, and even more polished version of it! Together we will work on developing ideas for thematic work, and we will provide you with a space for discussion, where you can put your craziest wishes into practice. Let’s the change we want to see among young people together!


#Fee: 50€

#What is included?

- Breakfast and two meals per day

- Coffee Breaks

- Session Materials

- Welcome Pack

- City Tour

- Great Parties

- European Night

- AEGEE Spirit


So what are you waiting for?

Apply and Make Your Voice Be Heard!

Come applicare

15 Ago 2018