NWM Amsterdam: XXX: Into the Woods of an Urban City


Dear Network,

Are you ready for new adventures?

Do not wait for the New Year to challenge yourselves, do it with us this Autumn!

Network Commission together with AEGEE-Amsterdam join forces and invite you to participate in an event that gives you a unique opportunity to have it all: share best practices between locals, strengthen the bounds between individual members and together come up with great new project ideas during the #ProjectHub sessions!

Why a #ProjectHub? After the Spring NWMs round, we were overwhelmed with joy to hear compliments from participants, and we decided to continue with a newer, and even more polished version of it! Together we will work on developing ideas for thematic work, and we will provide you with a space for discussion, where you can put your craziest wishes into practice. Let’s the change we want to see among young people together!

Amsterdam is not only the city of cheese and tolerance, of diversity, great nightlife, bikes, uncountable canals and ‘stroopwafels’; it is also the city of the Autumn Network Meeting hosted by AEGEE-Amsterdam from 15-18 November 2018: XXX – Into the Woods of an Urban City. The three symbolic crosses of Amsterdam stand for the knowledge that will be acquired during this NWM, the special moments and friendships, as well as the adventures and mysteries that will unravel this autumn.

Traveling to the Dutch capital obviously means visiting the famous ‘Westerkerk’ and taking selfies at the Dam Square, and we guarantee that you will enjoy a typical Amsterdam-experience during this NWM. But we also want to take you to the more secretive and unexpected sides of the city. From the well-known Red Light District, over a mini- church hidden in a house, to a café full of cats to cuddle, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands never stops to astonish.

So don’t wait much longer, book your tickets to the ‘dam around the Amstel’ (yes, that’s where the name Amsterdam comes from), and prepare for a truly special AEGEE experience.

✳️Where? Amsterdam

✳️When? 15-18 November

✳️How much? 55€

✳️How many participants? 25

✳️Aplication period:  15 August – 05 September 2018


Apply here on the Intranet and on Google!

Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/DVbyMO8zVArjW8fd2


Come applicare

05 Set 2018