NWM Gaziantep: Build the bridges into the Migrationside of Europe


# Deadline: 4th of September at 23.59 CEST
# How to apply:

*fill in NWM application form :


*Apply via intranet. 

Applications made via only one form will not be accepted!


You! Are you willing to do something different this Autumn? Hear us out!

AEGEE-Gaziantep and Network Commission offers you an amazing experience with the chance of getting lots of knowledge which you can later use for improving your antenna, and most importantly yourself! During 4 days, with 35 people, you will be attending high-quality workshops & activities that are prepared by experienced trainers.

Moreover, did you notice why this NWM one day longer than usual? You will have a chance to visit a refugee camp, see the situation with your own eyes; visit an area of Turkey that is so different characteristically, with an incredible history and delicious food that you are not able to taste anywhere else; therefore, we advise you to check the information down below and make up your mind. Remember, we are welcoming you with a warm hug! 

       ✱ WHEN? 18th-22th October
       ✱ WHERE? Gaziantep, Turkey
       ✱ HOW MUCH? 30€ 

  • Accommodation in bungalows 
  • 3 traditional Gaziantep meals per day
  • Social program
  • Training sessions
  • Visiting refugees camp 
  • Conference about migration 
  • Get a chance to broaden your horizons and taste amazing traditional foods 


  • Increase your knowledge about state of area,
  • Improve internal cooperation and collaboration between antennae, 
  • Make a strategy on the common problems of locals,
  • Get inspiration from others and learn about what AEGEE can bring to you? 
  • Develop your skills about Institutional Funding, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Budgeting,
  • Learn about European Bodies by mini-fair, 
  • Discuss the current situation of refugees, the importance of integration and civil dialog and the role of NGOs on this matter.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact local organizers or Network Commissioner; netcom-evrim@aegee.org

See you in Gaziantep!




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