Hell of a Russian Winter: Hardcore Only


AEGEE-Ryazan invites you to spend 7 days in the very heart of Russia! You will have a real chance to chill and BEAR the Russian winter, make a lot of new friends, and what is more important, learn how to become a true hardcore party animal.

Accommodation: Hostels, cottage, hosts (no sleeping bags needed!)

Fee: €180 + €20

Arrival Day – 3 January/Departure Day – 10 January


The activities include:

1) All kinds of winter activities (Skating, sliding, snow battle)

2) The whole day of snowboarding (optional fee)

3) How-to-become-a-true-Russian workshops

4)Party in a great cottage in the middle of a forest with a true Russian banya

5) City tours

6) Best pub crawl ever

7) Parties

8) Cooking workshops

9) and HARDCORE!!!

To apply to the event, please, fill out BOTH the Intranet form and Google form by 25 November 23:59 CET (https://goo.gl/forms/ligyl3DyEc1WsHFd2">https://goo.gl/forms/ligyl3DyEc1WsHFd2">https://goo.gl/forms/ligyl3DyEc1WsHFd2 -copy and paste the link to your web browser)

Check out our FB page ">https://www.facebook.com/events/1121936301292472/



Come applicare

25 Nov 2018