NWM Cluj Napoca- FireWork Your way to the Throne


Imagine we are fireworks. We climb and shine, above and below, going on simultaneously in space and time, light brightening both sky and water. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework and continue to shine forever, together! 
Let's reconnect our lights in the city of youth in the heart of Transylvania and let's plan the way to the throne of success. Success is always like an iceberg, you see only the top of it.
What is above and below and how can we reach success?
How to become the mastermind of your own event? 
From where to start, what and who do we need?
Can we have bigger impact in our projects?
Come with us for a memorable experience, together we are going to build the iceberg!

In the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca!
Between 16th and 19th of November!
How much?
50 euros that will include accommodation, meals, materials and an unforgetable experience!

Come applicare

22 Ott 2017