European School 1: How to keep your local afloat


Do you want to have a unique learning experience, meet people and explore a new city? Apply for our European School! European School 1 will take place in Utrecht from the 18th until the 24th of April.

You will learn a variety of skills, useful within and outside of AEGEE. Apart from the trainings, we will have a great social program in the  evening. You will meet a lot of fellow AEGEEans from all over Europe and together we will explore the beautiful city of Utrecht. You'll learn about other cultures, gain skills and make lots of new friends! Sounds fun, right?

Get ready for European School 1! European School 1 is a one-week training course for everyone who is interested in learning new soft skills! Do you want to develop yourself as a leader, learn how to manage your local and contribute to a better society? Awesome! Are you a new member who wants to learn how to fulfill an active role within AEGEE? Perfect! With a variety of trainings, sharing of experiences and group works you will get the chance to gain new skills. With topics like antennae management, communication and leadership you will leave feeling ready to learn how to make your local grow and stable.

Not only will you learn new skills, you’ll also see the beautiful Dutch city of Utrecht and experience the Dutch culture. Utrecht is one of the Netherlands’ biggest cities, with canals, a big and cozy city center and a lot of fun things to do. The city has a rich student culture with students organizations, pubs, clubs and student sports teams. Utrecht has a long history and we’ll make sure you get to know some of it.

The fee (€120) includes;

-Accommodation (beds included!)

-Three meals a day

-A program with trainings on several topics, aimed to improve your skills.

-A social program, full of fun activities and meeting new people! (This includes a city tour, a European Night, a visit to the weekly AEGEE-Utrecht pubnight and more)

-Transport during the program

Apply here and through the intranet until 5th March

Come applicare

12 Mar 2017