Develop Yourself 4



What are the skills you are missing in your daily life? What are companies looking for? And how could you, a potential employee, impress them? Maybe you want to improve in public speaking. Maybe your time management could be better. And maybe you still want to master the right body language while talking in front of a crowd, or gain the self-confidence to improvise in an unknown situation.

If... you are looking for a project which will help you developing yourself,
if... you want to improve your skills such as public speaking or time management,
if... you want to master your body language and gain self-confidence,
if... you want to get to know your own borders and possibilities,
if... you want to meet a great group of awesome people and friends,
if... you want to convince your future boss that you are the perfect employee...


...Develop Yourself 4 is the right event for you!


Spend four amazing days with a great team!

Profit from the professional workshops delivered by our two amazing trainers María Ballesteros Melero and Jorge Sánchez Hernández

Eat tasty food and enjoy our social program in the evenings!

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31 Ott 2017