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Feel cold in CaucAEGEEan’s mountains



This winter AEGEE-Bakı comes up with great Winter University – Finding the CaucAEGEEan Mountains!

In general, we know it is a mythic creature which inhabits mountains and forests of all over the world. And AEGEE-Bakı finds out this creature can be an inhabitant of the Caucasus Mountains. So, this winter AEGEE-Bakı will try to get to the bottom of this mystery. Want to search on the secrets of that feel cold with full of AEGEE spirit at the last destination of historical Caucasian mountains?

If Yes, Join us!

At first part, we will do have many historical discovers in the Baku – the biggest city and capital of Azerbaijan, however, the second part will be full of various activities on the different parts of Caucasus mountains. You will visit the 2 big mountain resorts where you’ll enjoy landscapes of our matchless nature by ski highways and go skiing/snowboarding on ski tracks. Then you will visit the mountain villages which are located in the 2200 m altitudes far away from modern civilization. Hiking through the amazing nature, enjoying the coolest weather and resting on the warmest mountain houses will make this winter unforgettable. Let’s feel cold in CaucAEGEEan mountains with discovering the stunning nature, attractive traditions and culture of Caucasian country and tasting delicious local food and drinks!

Fee includes:

-              welcome pack;

-              lodging in hostel and private house;

-              two meals per day;

-              hiking to the Caucasus mountains;

-              winter games and thematic parties;

-              cultural nights;

-              Entrance to Maiden Tower; Shirvanshahlar Palace; Heydar Aliyev Center; Carpet museum; Shahdag  Winter Mountain Resorts;

-              offroad trip to Caucasus mountians

-              horse riding;

-              train and bus tickets for trips between locations;

-              excursions, city tours, visiting historical places of Azerbaijan;

-              ice-skating;

-              skiing/snowboarding and different activities in Shahdag or Tufandag Winter Mountain Resorts;

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23 Gen 2019