AEGEE è una delle più grandi associazioni studentesche interdisciplinari d'Europa; è rappresentata da 15.000 studenti, attivi in 241 città accademiche, in 40 paesi d'Europa, vantando così un'ineguagliabile varietà culturale. AEGEE è un'organizzazione secolare, senza fini di lucro, senza legami a partiti politici. Tutti i progetti e le attività sono basati sul lavoro volontario dei propri membri. AEGEE Firenze è parte integrante del network di AEGEE Europa.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

Non ci sono eventi in programma nei prossimi giorni.

Eventi AEGEE Europe

Tutti gli eventi organizzati dalla nostra associazione in giro per l'Europa. Se sei un socio di AEGEE puoi partecipare ad ognuno di essi! Celebrazioni, eventi statutori, corsi, scambi, meeting, summer university, vacanze.. le altre Antenne europee dell'associazione organizzano eventi per i membri dell'associazione tutto l'anno. Dai un'occhiata qui!

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Hell of a Russian Winter: Hardcore Only

If you still wonder how those crazy Russians survive their severe winters, AEGEE-Ryazan invites you to see it!!! Check out the heart of Russia - our beautiful capital Moscow and a smaller, but nevertheless charming and authentic city of Ryazan - both ready to amuse you!

NYE - Dutch Dive into the New Year!

Wondering where to best spend your New Year? Why not in our beautiful Dutch city Utrecht? Splash into 2019 by diving into the Nordic Sea with us and join in with the most kickass Dutch New Year’s traditions.

Winter Madness: Vegas Edition

AEGEE-Novi Sad is organizing the second edition of Winter Madness NYE. Put your bets in that this will be the best NYE ever, the stakes are high, so do apply!

Warm up your heart!

Winter is coming… AEGEE-Samara welcomes you to celebrate russian New Year together and to enjoy traditional russian winter holidays. Warm up your heart in Samara!

Noon Moon: Nordic NYE

THIS WINTER you will have the unique opportunity to celebrate New years with not one but TWO of the best locals in the network. AEGEE Stockholm and AEGEE-Helsinki. Come to the north for a frosty NYE❄️

AC/TC 2: Back to the Carpathians

This year, we are going across the country to boil in thermal waters, jump into ice-cold mountains rivers, explore mysterious castles and contemplate the magnificence of Ukraine to its fullest, celebrating New Year with greatest #aegeepeople.

Advanced SUPS

Are you already looking forward for SUmmer 2019 and would like to organise the best Summer University around? You feel like doing it as a real professional? Then please accept our warm invitation and apply for Advanced SUPS Aachen!

SUPS Brescia

Are you already looking forward for SUmmer 2019 and would like to organise the best Summer University around? Are you afraid you don't have enough skills, or would you like to learn how to do it even better? Then please accept our warm invitation and apply for SUPS Brescia!

RTC Erfurt: Train Like A Champion!

This is a Regional Training Course organised by the Network Commission in cooperation with AEGEE-Academy.

NYE "Dream without borders"

AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg welcomes you to celebrate New Year and Russian Christmas in the marvelous city of Saint Petersburg! All your dreams may come true during that magic time. So prepare yourself to dream without borders and spend 10 unforgettable days in Russia.

NYE 2019 - Neapolis on fire Vol.2

Neapolis on fire vol. 2, an AEGEE Napoli new year event. Our participants will discover the beauties of our city during one of the best period to visit Napoli!

NYE Meanwhile in Siberia vol. 2

Let’s start your 2019 with adventure? Have you ever heard about amazing winter in Russia? If not now you can try it! This is an open call for true survivors! It is your happy chance to do it with AEGEE- Moskva and AEGEE - Tyumen in Siberia, place where you will feel and enjoy the real winter.

Winter Wonderland vol.II. - Magic will find you in BudaPécs

Are you looking for something equally relaxing and entertaining for this NYE? Hungary’s bests AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Pécs have created the perfect list to make it happen. Are you tempted by some wine tasting, SPA time, ice-skating and Budapest nightlife? If yes, then check out the rest below!

NYE "Winter is STILL not coming to Paradise VOL II"

Get prepared to welcome to 2019 in a warm paradise surrounded by water, while the breeze of the sea touches your skin and your pockets fill up with sand and salty memories. Say goodbye to 2018 living an unforgettable experience between the hottest and most southern antennas!

Zagreb ADVENTure vol.3: A December to Remember!

This event will host 20 people from all over Europe for 4 days at the time of Advent in Zagreb, which has been declared the most beautiful in Europe for the past three years. In this way, we would bring the Croatian culture closer to the participants and introduce them into the Christmas spirit.

RTC Antalya - Come to enjoy Meditrainean

This is a Regional Training Course organized by the Network Commission in cooperation with AEGEE-Academy.

DTC - Detective Training Course

Join our group of detectives in the English countryside for a long weekend filled with quests, games and mystery!

RTC Tbilisi: Challenge Yourself In Georgian Style

This is a Regional Training Course organised by the Network Commission in cooperation with AEGEE-Academy.