Summer University FAQ


What are the Summer University?

The Summer University is a European-scale project which consists of 15 days of vacation at one of the seats in AEGEE Europe who has reportedly offered to organize them.
I am a fun moment, but of development. Not only do we come in contact with the culture of the people of the city where it is housed, but also with that of other participants from different European countries.


What and how are the Summer University?

1. Language Course: In addition to normal holiday, there is a language course of at least 16 hours per week.

2. Language Course Plus is a language course "reinforced". There are at least 20 hours per week of instruction, taught by a professional teacher. Just because the standard of quality is higher, the share is slightly higher: 80 Euro per week.

3.Summer Course: It is the most classic form of the Summer University. This is a course with a certain theme to be developed at least 10 hours per week (usually it is the culture of the place).

4. Summer Course Plus: as the previous course, except here there are at least 20 hours per week, taught by professional instructors. Here, as for the Language Course Plus, the fee is 80 Euro per week.

5. Travelling Summer University: it is organized by at least 2 different locations and plans to sleep in at least 4 different places. The price is a bit 'higher (80 euro per week) because it also includes travel between the cities.

6. Summer Event: is a course dedicated to a specific topic or general interest. It 's the only one that can last from 1 to 2 weeks (all the others range from 2 to 4).


Where can I find a list of the Summer University?


How much does participate in a Summer University?

15 Euro (annual registration with AEGEE): allows, in one year, to participate in all activities of AEGEE in Europe and in Florence.

130-180 Euro (or 70 euros per week). Usually you pay on arrival (although some prefer to be sent home in advance, 50%).


What is included in the 130-180 euro?

There are minimum requirements included in the fee of 120 Euros and are as follows:

-Housing (in students' homes or in hostels)
-One meal a day (usually they give at least 2 if not 3: depends on the lifestyle and the type of funding that the seats are able to obtain)
- "Social program": or trips, visits, excursions, parties ...


What is not included in the 130-180 euro?

The trip from Florence to the city where there is the Summer University: this is because, being a European project can not be understood by those who are traveling from Lisbon, Moscow, Istanbul ... arriving by bus, train, plane ...

Any optional excursions: they are expressly provided for in the program and is not required to take part (although it is recommended that you: are occasions when we have fun always!)
Goodies: shopping, ice cream, beer ... and so on and so forth! :-)


What does "course level 1,2,3 and n"?

1: Beginner, no (or almost) no knowledge of the language.

2: Intermediate, knowledge base.

3: Advanced, able to speak the language fluently.

N: This course has no tiering


Where and when can I contact to register and get more information?

Come and visit us at THE WILLIAM PUB every tuesday from 20 to 23 till 21st of April, or on Thursday from 18:00 to 21:00 at Palazzo Giovane, vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore 1, second floor

Or write to or call 0559756913 in order to have an appointment in other days of the week


By when do I register?

By April 22th, 2014. But do not wait until the last minute!


How it works?

1. each person can choose from 1 to 3 destinations.
2. For each of these has to write a "motivation letter" is your business card
- The motivation to write you original, witty, well ... Unique!
- To increase your chances of being taken, given the 3 destinations!
3. Now that you have prepared your "calling card" you just have to make application directly via the web at: / on
Click on the link:
"Apply on the Web"
and follow the instructions that appear on the page (it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the form!)

The application will come to us for AEGEE-Firenze and, after checking the regularity of your registration will be sent to SUCT for the subsequent selection
- After the conclusion of the first phase, ie the transmission of your motivation letter, we use the following procedure:
from April 29 locations AEGEE will receive the list of people who have made application with them and begin to select participants, by early May, the organizers should publicize the list of selected.


What if you were selected?

You will be contacted via e-mail from the organizers, who will ask you to confirm your intention to participate.
At this point begins a series of contacts which will give detailed information to better organize your vacation!

the first thing you learn in the AEGEE is that the world we are not all alike: some are more open and less, who is more sociable and who is a bit 'shy ... more so does your partner that you have selected. There will be those who will respond immediately and we will put a few more days! Just have a little 'patience and everything will be in the best way!


And if I am chosen, what happens?

First of all calm and cool! Many people, for various reasons, they abandon the place where it was selected.

So if you have not been chosen in the first round:

If you are in the waiting list: let them have it! Contact the organizers! Let them know that you are very motivated to go! It will be more likely that if a seat is available, you will be the first to be contacted!

If you have not been selected:
you can do as above. Surely an organizer will choose a person who demonstrates enthusiasm, rather than any name in the waiting list;
on our mailing list we will forward all the latest news about vacancies, please send us from the other branches. Do not miss this opportunity!