Eventi AEGEE Europe

All events organized by our association around Europe. If you are a member of AEGEE you can participate in each of them! Celebrations, statutory events, courses, exchanges, meetings, summer universities, vacations .. The other European Antennas organize events for members of the association throughout the year. Have a look here !


Dive into the beauty and wilderness of Polish nature

Summer event: SuMmEr sUmMeR SuMmEr

Are you ready? Do you want to come to an unforgettable special event? IF YES. We are waiting for you!!! Make this new fantastic experience close to Matera in the south of Italy. The main theme of the event are sport, culture and super Party.

CaspiAEGEEan Summer Paradise

Did you know that the biggest lake in the world is Caspian Sea? Are you wondered how the lake at the same time can be sea? Join to our Summer Event in order to find out the answers of the question.

Summer Event: Sailing the Croatian Dream!

For the first time in the history of AEGEE, our antenna will organize a sailing week/event. We will rent sailing boats and sail away to a couple of beautiful islands in Croatia's southern region of Dalmatia! https://www.facebook.com/events/544570029234887/

THEvent- From Madrid with Pride

Do you want to experience the World Pride Festival in Madrid? Are you ready to learn, get involved, and have the time of your life? Then keep reading!