Eventi AEGEE Europe

All events organized by our association around Europe. If you are a member of AEGEE you can participate in each of them! Celebrations, statutory events, courses, exchanges, meetings, summer universities, vacations .. The other European Antennas organize events for members of the association throughout the year. Have a look here !

Summer Event: Sailing the Croatian Dream!

For the first time in the history of AEGEE, our antenna will organize a sailing week/event. We will rent sailing boats and sail away to a couple of beautiful islands in Croatia's southern region of Dalmatia! https://www.facebook.com/events/544570029234887/

Equal Rights Conference Leiden: True Colours

Equal Rights Conference Leiden: TRUE COLOURS! 50 participants. The conference themes: religion and sexual orientation, feminism and the legal recognition of homosexuality. And a social program with Quidditch, European Night and a Colour Party!

Maños 2018: Project XX

Are you ready for the best event of the year? Can´t you wait longer to attend an event organized by AEGEE-Zaragoza? Don´t worry! You don´t have to wait anymore!

Pre-event to Agora Krakow: Oops! We Lviv It Again! [B-Day edition]

Another unforgettable and already legendary pre-event by AEGEE-Lviv, 4 awesome days in charming and unique city of Lviv, lots of fun activities and just experience you can't miss! This time it's even more special - we are going to have a big celebration of our Great 25th Birthday! Soo..Join us!

NWM Catania: Stairway to Rainbow, Highway to Catania

Join us at the next Network Meeting hosted by the Burning Heart of Europe: AEGEE-Catania!

NWM Izmir : Warning Up For The Future

You! Are you willing to do something different this Spring? Hear us out! AEGEE-İzmir and Network Commission offers you an amazing experience with the chance of getting lots of knowledge which you can later use for improving your antenna, and most importantly yourself! Check it out.

Reflect & React: Discrimination of women at work

AEGEE-Bilbao and Equal Rights Working group are happy to present are our the conference: "Reflect & React: Discrimination of women at work" Would you like to attend a great thematic event? Are you interested in gender equality issues and want to learn more about making our equal future better?

NWM Leuven: "The Art of the Deal with it"

The AEGEEan Spring of 2018 is fully packed with interesting events and conferences, but who does not wait for the Network Meetings, one of the best occasions to share best practices between locals, and to strengthen the cooperation and bounds between individual members?

NWM München: Forge Your Empire

Join us at the Spring Network Meeting München 2018 and forge your empire!

The 25th years of AEGEE-Napoli- a quarter of century of pizza

Culture, History, Good food,35 new friends and an amaizing city to expole and living! If you are an open mind, crazy, love fooder you can't miss this incredible 25th years of AEGEE-Napoli!

DestiNATION: Party-Heart of Europe - Pre-event Agora Krakow

Wanna experience some fun in the closest capitals in Europe? Join our amazing Pre-event and find out how we do it!! ✱meet cool A-people ✱ROCK the Agora with us ✱show us your spirit ✱When: 20th-24th April 2018 Where: Bratislava & Vienna Deadline to apply: 3rd April 2018 FEE 85€

NWM Groningen: Mystery Island - Unravelling AEGEE the Dutch way!

Join us at Spring NWM Groningen 2018 and inspire the change!

Citizenship as it's Grassroots - European and Polish Perspectives

The aim of the confernece is to stimulate people’s duties as European Citizens. They will learn how to become more active European and how to shape the society, they live in

Novruz International Youth Festival

Novruz - International Youth Festival is the annual celebration of Novruz with the youth from all around the world. And now this is Your chance to enjoy this holiday with us.

Mini HRES Moskva: HeRoES

Are you ready to be HeRoES? Join us in lovely Moskva and develop superpowers on Human Resources management!

NWM Sofia: United We Stand Strong!

Join us at the Spring Network Meeting Sofia 2018 and inspire the change!

Welcome to Eastern Europe. Pre-event of Agora Kraków 2018

On the 23rd of May, it is exactly 25 years ago that AEGEE-Lublin was founded. That’s a call for celebration, and that’s why we invite you to the pre-event of Spring Agora Kraków 2018. Join us and feel the real atmosphere of Eastern Europe!

Franck Biancheri Award - Representation needs Participation: European Elections


Eat Meet Repeat

The confluence of 2 important moments for us: such the 15th anniversary of AEGEE-León and the Spanish gastronomic capital, has pushed us to put everything on our SUPER event, EAT MEET REPEAT. Savoring the best tapas, tasting our best wines, cook masterclass and spending the nights dancing til dawn.

Citizenship at its Grassroots - European and Polish Perspectives

Are you interested in politics ? Do you want to have bigger impact on Europe ? If yes, AEGEE- Warszawa and the European CItizenship Working Group are happy to invite to invte you to the conference:" Citizenship as it's Grassroots"