AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 15,000 students from 241 cities in 40 countries all around Europe. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, and is not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are organized and run by volunteers. AEGEE Firenze is part of AEGEE Europe network.

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Dear Ageeans, 

Ready your breakfast and eat heartily, for tonight we dine in Poland! 

If you are somebody who's looking for another event to spend the whole day at the beach doing nothing except for checking the summer tan..well, then this is certainly not an event for you. Be aware that we warned you!

But if you’re an open-minded person who loves sports and new challenges, give this event a shot and we’ll make you forget where you’re from ;)

So dear applicant, 

- Did you try sleeping in the tent this summer? Did you ever slept under the stars in Poland’s wonderful protected nature area? If not then this may be your chance. It's an incredible feeling and certainly an unforgettable experience.

- During the days we’ll spend our time on many group activities. Your creativity, guts and team spirit will be tested not once and not twice dear participant. 

- We already signed the contract for the sun in August. So don’t worry about the weather and come to jump with us into the refreshing lake.

- At nights we’ll steal your beauty sleep cuz there will be amazing parties that you can’t miss. (and you miss Polish buzz ,don’t you?)

- Besides you’ll meet a bunch of new aegean’s and discover each others stories at night’s campfire. 

- We’ll guide you trough the most local spots in one of the biggest student cities in Poland, POZNAŃ

- And of course not everything can be described so shortly as there will be much much more.. surprises shouldn’t be spoiled , I hope you’ll understand :)

So forget your other plans and apply now!!!


- infinite energy in order to survive the program 

- Aegee group spirit 

- positive mindset of someone who is not afraid to come out of the comfort zone and do crazy things in life 

- we would also love to see your most beautiful smile as we’ll steal all of your energy. 

If you feel like you’re meeting all of these we dare you to apply and become our participant. 

Program’s highlights : 

- Outdoor paintball
- The trip to Poznań, where you get an amazing city tour provided by the locals. 
- Thematic parties 
- Campfire 
- Horse Riding 
- European Night 
- 2 meals a day that will keep you full for the rest of the day 
- Canoeing 
- Workshop’s 
- Outdoor games 
- Your one and only experience of sleeping in the tent this summer
- Wakeboarding
- Rope park
- swimming in the lake
-exploring Poland’s nature area

Regular Fee:130 Euro
Refundable deposit: 14,25 Euro
The deposit will be given back on the last day of the event. The deposit will be fortfeited in case you damage the tents.
Optional fee : 16,50 Euro (used for horse riding and wakeboard)

Number of participants : 25

Fb page:

To apply:

Please, fill in this form:

If you have any questions write us at: 

We hope to see you soon ;)

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09 Jul 2018