AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 15,000 students from 241 cities in 40 countries all around Europe. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, and is not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are organized and run by volunteers. AEGEE Firenze is part of AEGEE Europe network.

Discover AEGEE


Discover AEGEE

AEGEE-Florence invites you to participate in an association presentation meeting that will allow you to:
  ☛ know more about AEGEE, about the activities and the structure, be more involved in AEGEE-Florence and meet the staff;
  ☛ learn to know and improve your soft and hard skills, regarding the organization of events and recruiting;
  ☛ being surrounded by energetic people like you, learning and having fun together!
  Useful meeting also for the return of the deposit about the language courses.
  The deposits will be returned at the end of the meeting for who has participated at least 80% of the total lessons.
  During the evening we all meet to go ice skating with international students!
  Become an AEGEEan, strengthen your AEGEE spirit with us!

Eventi AEGEE Europe

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