AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 15,000 students from 241 cities in 40 countries all around Europe. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, and is not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are organized and run by volunteers. AEGEE Firenze is part of AEGEE Europe network.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

International AperiTandem +Karaoke 50's Style AEGEE Firenze

International AperiTandem +Karaoke 50's Style AEGEE Firenze

AEGEE Firenze invite you at our AperiTandem in a cool location 50's style!!! A room only for us for the Aperitivo and a room for Karaoke and dance! 

Terme di Saturnia + Pitigliano AEGEE Trip

Terme di Saturnia + Pitigliano AEGEE Trip

Join AEGEE for going to have a hot bath into the natural waterfalls of Saturnia!

Unconventional Chianti Party

Unconventional Chianti Party

We have reserved a big house in the country, near Florence, with special dinner, music dj set and FREE drinks all night 

Eventi AEGEE Europe

C'mon Pisa, Light My Fire! - Vol. III

!!!OPEN CALLS!!! 6 days, 3 cities and a spectacular night in the city of the Leaning Tower are an amazing way to start a great summer. Don't miss the chance, Tuscany is waiting for you!

Pre-event AEGEE-Tilburg: Stroopwafel games

Would you like to have fun through playing games and being a bit competitive? Earn as much stroopwafels as you can and join us in the Stroopwafel games. Next to getting a glimpse of Tilburg and surroundings you will have a wonderful time playing football, typically Dutch games and more!


Have a magical experience just before heading to Agora! Groningen invites you for loads of fun activities and workshops, a trip to an island, unforgettable parties and an enchanting atmosphere. Don’t miss the pre-event and start your Agora times in the Netherlands earlier!

NWM Yerevan: HAY power!

This time you have an unique opportunity to attend the Network Meeting in Yerevan! We can assure that you will be amazed by hospitality of local people, their culture and city! Do you want to learn a lot, to meet new friends and also to know what does HAY power mean? Come and get it! ;)

Mirinda in Wonderland: A unicorn's spring break

Mirinda offering you to see istanbul in spring that will crash your life. Apart from magical İstanbul and its wonderful historical places named “ do not die before seeing” is welcoming you, we prepared for you an amazing program which you will feel AEGEE spirit from the heart.

Galifornia 2017

It's been already a year since AEGEE-Vigo was borned thanks to the enthusiasm of some incledible people who wanted to show the beautifulness and the richness of the Atlantic land side of south Galicia. We want to drive you all over these places and make you feel the magic.

NWM NoviSad: European by birth. AEGEEan by choice. In NoviSad on purpose!~

Discover the adventurous, happy & welcoming spirit of the super-cool and youthful city of Novi Sad and do not wait no more to meet the amazing team of A-NS. Save the date for the best of this spring-its time to meet your network again~* Do not miss it! We have saved a spot for you!

Voulez vous AEGEE avec moi ?

France is back in AEGEE ! You will learn how to cook French like a chef, how to drink French with wine and cheese tastings, discover the French culture with plenty of visits and of course Parties with the AEGEE spirit.

Pre-event AEGEE Köln: Willkommen bei uns!

“In a sea of human beings, it is difficult, at times even impossible, to see the human as being.” AEGEE Köln prepared an event that you will have never seen before. That will make you question your opinion and open your heart and mind. So don't hesitate to apply!

NWM Torino: Not a Waste of Money!

Discover the beauty of the Piedmontese capital in this Spring NWM that will take place in the heart of Turin. Many interactive and interesting sessions and lots of fun moments are waiting for you! Don't miss this unique NWM!

Skills for YOUth!

Millions of young people are facing the challenge of so-called skills mismatch and while their formal education studies are providing them with essential knowledge, the needs of the job market are also calling for alternative and modernized ways for learning.

NWM Gdansk: The Greatest ones Do Now!

The wondeful Baltic sea is calling you to become a great one. The one who knows how far will we go. Join this Network Meeting with 100 incredible AEGEEans and start creating the future of Europe NOW!

AEGEE Alumni event - Back to Budapest

"AEGEE people!" Do you miss this call already? REMEMBER all those years fighting for a better Europe, exploring the continent, building bridges and friendships for life - while having the time of your life? RELIVE the memories - in Budapest!

AEGEEvision: celebrate diversity

You asked us and we are ready to do it! AEGEE-Kyiv organize a special event for Eurovision song contest!