AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 15,000 students from 241 cities in 40 countries all around Europe. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, and is not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are organized and run by volunteers. AEGEE Firenze is part of AEGEE Europe network.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

Aperitandem + Karaoke Night!

Aperitandem + Karaoke Night!

Tuesday night?? AEGEE!!!

Eventi AEGEE Europe

Mascletà your mind: Open your eyes and feel the gaiata spirit (VOL.3)

From the 7nd to the 11th of March, Castellon is in it's maximum magnificence, it's amazing festivities, La Magdalena, are taking place. Loads of fireworks, firecrackers and parades fulfill Castellon of sound, fun and lights. Don’t think more about it and apply!

Skiweek Nr. 9 - Survivors

Do you think you are strong enough? Do you think you can spend 4 days on the slopes and have 7 days of partying? Do you think you can survive one week in Czech Republic? If your answer sound “yes” then keep reading because the traditional event of AEGEE-Plzeň is here again!

Finding the CaucAEGEEan Bigfoot

Winter with full of Caucasus spirit where old Eastern tradition meet with European modernization is waiting for you. JOIN US! In 9 days, Azerbaijani traditional dish, hiking, skiing, offroad trip & other activities will make your winter unforgettable. Help AEGEE-Bakı to find CaucAEGEEan Bigfoot!

Winter fairy-tale in Samara

Let me guess,you've never heard about Samara. It's time to get acquainted with our city! We are planning a programme, which consists of skiing, skating, tubing, parties and other activities. Do you want to have a great time?If your answer is "YES!", then AEGEE-Samara is waiting for you!

Midnight Kissing in Paris

AEGEE-Paris is more than happy to welcome you to celebrate NYE in our beloved and amazing city of PARIS. City-tours, discovering french culture, amazing NYE night is scheduled. We are only waiting for you !

Queer Up Your New Year!

AEGEE-Utrecht's famous New Years' Event, this year with a LGBT theme.

3,2,1...This winter madness can't be outdone!

Take a chance to be one of the people who will get an invitation to the Great Gatsby's party! Meet new AEGEE friends, spend the most festive part of the year enjoying great parties,tasty food, amazing cocktails and get ready to celebrate New Years Eve Roaring Twenties style!

Winter Wonderland - Magic will find you in BudaPécs

Are you looking for something equally relaxing and entertaining for your NYE? Hungary’s bests AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Pécs have created the perfect list to make it happen. Are you tempted by some wine tasting, SPA time, ice-skating and Budapest nightlife? If yes, then check out the rest below!

Slopes: Winter's playground

A new era of New Year's events is starting today... The most well-known winter event is here for you again!!! This year we are organizing 11th in the row! Are you ready to spend the best New Year´s Eve in your life with us? Maribor is waiting for you!

EPM Pre-Event - Be a Part of The Caucasian Adventure

AEGEE-Tbilisi is happy to invite you to the EPM Pre event “Be the Part of the Caucasian Adventure” from the 4th to the 7th of March, right before the tremendous European Planning Meeting Yerevan 2018.

We will rock you in GOODAURI resort!

GOODAURI ski resort is waiting for you, during 7 dayes you will have unique experience, skiing in high snowy mauntains full of fascinating views and fantastic nature. You will have opportunity to get know Georgian culture, have amazing AEGEE parties and entertaining arounded AREA.

Biking the civic education with AEGEE-Ferrara

AEGEE-Ferrara is happy to invite you to the amazing event “Biking the civic education with AEGEE-Ferrara”. Discover us ;)

Meanwhile in Siberia

Have you ever tried diving into a huge snow hill? Or swimming in hot springs when it is -20°C outside?Are you ready to take the challenge? This winter you'll get a chance to do it with AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Tyumen in Siberia, a place which was made to enjoy winter!

New Year STATE of MIND in Bucharest

How many times we said that the New Year brings also new way of thinking, new experiences or the personal & professional fulfillment that we always wanted? This winter we will break the ice together in the most adventurous place for the real nightlife - Bucharest!

Winter is NOT coming to Paradise

Get to know the islanders winter in 1 week! Leave behind all your worries and get prepared to welcome the New Year in a warm paradise surrounded by water, while the breeze of the sea kindly touches your skin and your pockets fill up with sand and salty memories.

NYE AEGEE-Leiden: Grab Life by the Uiers!

Have your previous new years been all the same? Are you looking to shake things up this time? Are you ready to celebrate a fabulous new year in a different country? Then it’s time to apply for NYE Leiden! Grab Life by the Uiers (cow things)

AC/TC (AEGEE Comes To Carpathians)

Prepare your Christmas mood and join us for an unforgettable New Year in the middle of mysterious Carpathian mountains!

TNT Bucuresti 2017

Become one of the best trainers in AEGEE! When? 6th to 13th of December 2017! Where? Bucuresti! Are you ready? Apply here: